10 Emails Danny Rubin Wrote for Breakthrough Career Moments

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It's one thing to tell someone you had a career breakthrough. But what counts the most is when you show them how you did it.

In a new strategic guide, award-winning author and speaker Danny Rubin walks you step-by-step through the ten biggest emails he wrote to achieve major milestones in his career. As he continues to build a reputation as the go-to expert on business communication skills, these ten emails allowed him to open doors and continue to spread his message across the country.

In 10 Emails Danny Rubin Wrote for Breakthrough Career Moments, Danny gives you the blueprint to write with confidence and achieve your own milestones!

The ten emails (plus a BONUS 11th email) are as follows:

Email 1: The Email That Launched My Career

Email 2: Ask to Become a Contributor to Business Insider

Email 3: Seek the Mentorship of a Communications Professional

Email 4: Rejection from a Prominent Book Publisher (and Why It Was a Good Thing)

Email 5: See If a Well-Known Book Designer Would Take Me On

Email 6: Appear on a Podcast to Promote My Book

Email 7: Forge a Relationship with a Book Distributor

Email 8: Become a Resource for My College Fraternity's National Office

Email 9: Align with ACTE, Nation's Largest Educational Association

Email 10: Find Partners for My Online Course

BONUS Email 11: The All-Important "Follow Up"

Because of the emails, Danny now has relationships with several national brands and well-respected universities, including:

Sample email from the strategic guide (with notes along the way to explain my approach):

Email #2: Ask to Become a Contributor at Business Insider


February 2014

I knew that Business Insider (BI), a popular news/opinion website, could give me a larger platform to share my content on communication skills. The big hurdle: winning over Jane, who led BI's guest posting initiative.

I located Jane's email and composed the best possible email I could.

At the time, my blog was called News To Live By (now it’s THE TEMPLATE).


Subject line: Possible News To Live By contribution

Hi Jane,

I’m Danny Rubin, and I write the blog News To Live By (NTLB), which highlights the career advice "hidden" in the headlines. Nice to meet you!

I’m writing to see if I could contribute a column to Business Insider. On my blog, I offer career advice and leadership lessons that I find in the day’s headlines.

Note: I put my “ask” at the top of the email so I’m clear what I want (to contribute to BI).

I'm a big fan of Business Insider, especially this recent post on the 10 Biggest Resume Mistakes. It's smart, practical information anyone can put to use.

Note: I compliment BI, share a post a like, link to it and explain why I respect it.

As an example, here’s a column I wrote this week that connects tax season to career advice. It's (hopefully) uplifting, useful and relevant.

19 Things You are 100% Capable of Doing Right Now

Note: I provide proof of my work so she can see my ability rather than blindly believe I’m good.

I also want to show you one more piece I wrote recently that could fit on BI Careers. Not that you need to use it...just another example of what I do at NTLB.

The Way You Write Cover Letters is a Complete Waste of Time

I urge people to review their application to make sure it has "value" in ways they may not think about (i.e. "Am I Being Specific?" and "Is This Something I Enjoy Reading?")

If my stuff "fits" what you're looking for, it would be great to contribute to BI. Of course, I would always use discretion and only submit pieces that are truly appropriate for BI Careers...not every single thing I write.

Note: I show her I am accommodating and don’t call the shots; she does.

Please let me know your thoughts when you have a chance.

Thanks again!

- Danny

I told you...I give you the entire email and explain everything I did!

Who Should Read Danny's 10 Emails Ebook?

College students

Recent grads

People starting their own businesses

People looking to make a career change

Anyone who wants an advantage on the competition!

That's because, as Danny says, "Write well, open doors!"

His 10 Emails strategic guide will show you how.

Danny  Rubin

Danny Rubin

Business Writing Expert

Hi, there! I'm Danny Rubin, an award-winning author and speaker trusted by students and working professionals for my practical advice on writing, networking and interpersonal skills.

My writing techniques are used inside the Pentagon and endorsed by the Association for Career and Technical Education (ACTE), the nation's largest educational association. ACTE provides resources to more than 24,000 educators in high schools and community colleges across the US.

Why does the country trust my writing techniques? The strategies help people stand out and find success. Plain and simple.

If you have any questions, please send me an email (danny@dannyhrubin.com). You can also visit my website here.

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